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Patients Over Pharma Statement on Impact of Affordable Care Act Repeal on Prescription Drug Costs

(Washington, DC) – Patients Over Pharma released the following statement as part of Protect Our Care’s Texas lawsuit Days of Action that are shining a spotlight on President Trump’s efforts in Texas vs. United States to strike down the Affordable Care Act and the protections it… Read More

As Trump and McConnell Refuse to Act, Big Pharma Jacks Up 2020 Drug Prices

Fortune: Average Percent Increase Was “More Than Twice The Annual Inflation Rate For The United States” Sec. Azar’s former company Eli Lilly increases cost of popular diabetes drug by 6%  AbbVie increases cost of arthritis… Read More

With Drug Pricing Bill Blocked by Senate and White House, Watchdog Group Launches “Patients Over Pharma” Campaign

Accountable.US launches Patients Over Pharma campaign to focus on “exposing the deep ties between the Trump Administration and the pharmaceutical industry, the revolving door between Big Pharma and the federal government, and how this corruption is hurting patients and preventing any meaningful progress toward reducing the cost… Read More

A New Way to Fight Corruption and Secure Progressive Wins

We're launching Accountable.US – a new nonpartisan watchdog group committed to standing up for the American people by holding powerful special interests and decision-makers in government accountable. Read More