TRENDING: Accountable.US is urging AT&T to recommit to defending democracy after its donations to anti-voting rights officials.

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Watchdog: Senate Republicans’ Refusal to Even Debate Infrastructure Proposal Part of Cynical Plan to Run Out Clock on Progress

Accountable.US president Kyle Herrig released the following statement after Senate Republicans unanimously voted against a key procedural measure on the bipartisan infrastructure framework bill.
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Where Was Alabama AG Marshall Before and After the Capitol Attack?

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall is refusing to reveal where he was days before the violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.
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NRA Abandoning Support for Biden Conservation Plan Thanks to Conspiracy-Pushing Fringe Group?

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has dropped its support for the 30 by 30 initiative, a plan that aims to conserve 30% of public lands and waters by 2030.
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Big Oil Jobs Report Fearmongers Over Biden Climate Policies While Industry Booms

The American Petroleum Institute released a study claiming the oil and gas industry supplies 11 million jobs to the economy, and doubling down on its fearmongering that the Biden administration’s effort to confront the climate crisis is putting these purported contributions in jeopardy.
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Ads to Pressure Pro-Voting Rights Corporations to Get Engaged as TX Voter Suppression Bill Advances

As part of its ongoing ‘Drop the Chamber’ campaign, Accountable.US is launching mobile billboards this week outside the headquarters of Microsoft, Target, Salesforce, as well as AT&T.
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The Hill: Watchdog says AT&T gave over $100K to Abbott, GOP lawmakers after vowing to support voting rights

Accountable.US is calling on AT&T to hold firm in its commitment to support the expansion of voting rights after the company contributed thousands of dollars to Texas Republicans who oppose such measures.
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NEW BLOG: Watchdog Tracking Companies Behind TX Voter Suppression

VISIT THE LIVE BLOG Watchdog Finds That AT&T Texas PAC Reported A $100K Contribution to TX Governor Abbott On The Same…
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LIVE UPDATES: Tracking The Companies Behind Voter Suppression in Texas

In light of new campaign disclosures and Texas’s continued assault on voting rights, we’re exposing big corporations and their executives’ donations to Texas lawmakers and…
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Texas Business Group That Condemned Bathroom Bill Pivots on Anti-Discrimination, Now Backs Lawmakers Pushing Voter Suppression

Washington, D.C. — The Texas Association of Business (TAB), a state chamber of commerce that has regularly partnered with the staunch voting rights opponent U.S.
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AT&T Claims to Support Voter Access, But Its Texas PAC Gave $100K To Texas Governor Abbott The Same Day He Called For A Special Legislative Session To Pass A Major Voter Suppression Bill

Washington, D.C. – Despite AT&T’s recent public statements in support of voting rights, an Accountable.US review of…
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