TRENDING: New report on how Senate Republicans tried and failed to obstruct the Biden admin in its first 75 days.

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Salon: Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley plotted to block Biden’s Cabinet nominees — but the scheme backfired

Former President Donald Trump and his Republican allies sought to derail President Joe Biden’s first 75 days in office by obstructing his transition and Cabinet…
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Haaland’s Bears Ears Trip: Opportunity for API to Reverse Course

Today, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland is visiting Bears Ears National Monument in Utah to hear testimony from tribal leaders on the monument’s future.
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NEW REPORT: Biden’s First 75 Days: How Senate Republicans Tried — and Failed — to Obstruct His Administration

As the Biden administration passes 75 days in office, Accountable Senate War Room looks back on the unprecedented obstruction from Senate Republicans around Biden’s Cabinet nominees.
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American Businesses Aren’t Rewarding Trump’s Top Officials

American businesses have been hesitant to hire Trump’s top officials following his toxic presidency that led to an attempted coup in January.
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REPORT: U.S. Chamber Members Must Choose Between Ending Affiliation — or Violating Own Pledges Following Capitol Riot

Accountable.US called on members to the USCOC to disassociate from the organization after the Chamber’s decision to resume political contributions to those who voted against certifying 2020 election results.
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The Hill: Watchdog group calls on major corporations to severe ties with Chamber over GOP donations

Accountable.US urged eight major companies, including Disney, Google and Pfizer, to disassociate from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
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Eugene Scalia, Enemy of Workers, Rehired by Old Firm After Trump Admin Stint

This week, news broke that former Trump Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia rejoined his previous law firm, Gibson Dunn, as partner.
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EPA (and API) Needs to Get Serious About Methane Emissions

A new study found that the Environmental Protection Agency’s measurement of methane emissions is significantly lower than what is actually emitted.
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5 Days Later, API Undercuts Its Climate Pledge Gimmick

American Petroleum Institute put out a release complaining that President Biden’s proposed $2 trillion infrastructure proposal doesn't include climate change-worsening oil pipelines.
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REPORT: Records Reveal Trump Exceeded Obama On Burrowed Political Appointees, Undermining Biden Administration Progress

Nine more political appointees of former President Trump burrowed into permanent civil service positions toward the end of his administration.
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