TRENDING: A federal judge blocked Biden climate policy, citing an oil industry insider’s discredited study.

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Corporations Hesitant to Hire Former Trump Officials — And With Good Reason

Former Trump officials are having an increasingly difficult time finding employment after leaving their posts serving the disgraced former president compared to previous administrations.
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Watchdog to National Endowment for Democracy: Drop Stefanik or Risk Guilt by Association

The National Endowment for Democracy is under fire for continuing to allow Congresswoman Elise Stefanik to serve on the organization’s board.
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Paxton’s Latest Failure: SCOTUS Upholds ACA

In a 7-2 victory, the Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act is here to stay, ruling against Texas AG Ken Paxton’s frivolous lawsuit to rip health care away from millions of Americans.
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HuffPost: Biden’s Climate Agenda Is Colliding With Trump’s Judiciary

A federal judge in Louisiana struck down Biden’s early executive order that temporarily froze new oil and gas leases across federal lands and waters.
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ICYMI: Corporate America Forgives the Sedition Caucus

Several leading U.S. businesses and industry groups quietly resumed their political giving once the immediate aftermath of the January 6th attack on the Capitol settled.
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Court Cites Debunked, Industry-Backed Study to Block Biden’s Oil and Gas Leasing Pause

A federal court put a hold on the Biden administration’s temporary pause on new public lands oil and gas leases. The court’s ruling was based on a widely debunked study written by oil industry insider Timothy Considine.
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The Hill: Watchdog ramps up ad campaign pressuring companies to leave Chamber of Commerce

Accountable.US will air ads targeting Microsoft, Salesforce and Target over their membership with the Chamber starting this week.
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New TV Ads Call Corporations’ Bluff: They Can’t Support Both Voting Rights and the U.S. Chamber

Government watchdog Accountable.US is launching a wave of television and digital ads as part of its “Drop The Chamber” campaign.
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Local Allies of the U.S. Chamber Condemn Voter Suppression Efforts as the U.S. Chamber Fights Voting Rights Protections

Numerous local chambers of commerce that are members of or affiliated with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have publicly opposed voter restrictions in their states.  
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TX AG Ken Paxton Under Investigation for Effort to Overturn 2020 Election

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is under investigation by the state’s bar association for his attempt to overturn the 2020 general election in favor of former President Trump.
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