TRENDING: New report on how Senate Republicans tried and failed to obstruct the Biden admin in its first 75 days.

About Us

Americans are frustrated by the policymakers and special interests they see standing in the way of progress. They want these decision makers and corrupting influences held accountable for their obstruction and wrongdoing. 

Accountable.US is a nonpartisan government watchdog committed to advancing policies in the public interest, across a range of issues, by exposing the individuals and entities blocking our government from doing right by the American people. 

What We Do

We use traditional research tactics—such as public records requests, financial disclosure review, voting record analysis, and more—to identify those standing in the way of progress. 

We follow the money to explain the actions and motivations of policymakers and special interests, and work to understand who has the most to gain or lose in policy fights. 

We use creative communications and campaigns to make sure Americans understand who is to blame for government inaction, and we give them the tools they need to make their voices heard. 

Accountable.US Action

Accountable.US Action is an independent, nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization that serves as the advocacy and political arm of Accountable.US.

Reinforcing our work to hold policymakers and special interests accountable and exposing government malfeasance, Accountable.US Action engages in both educational and electoral activity including legislative advocacy.