TRENDING: Big Oil Posts Massive $41B Profits in Q1 Thanks to High Consumer Gas Prices

Energy & Environment

Creating a healthy, sustainable environment with robust land conservation that future generations of Americans can enjoy begins with stopping polluters and wealthy oil and gas company executives from lining their pockets at the expense of our families and our planet.

Accountable.US works to promote a greener future by investigating and bringing to light the corrupting influence of Big Oil and its toxic history of climate denialism, obstructing meaningful change, and environmental destruction, especially in marginalized communities.


Polluters Exposed

American Petroleum Institute (API), a trade organization and powerful lobbyist for over 600 member companies in the oil and gas industry, has pushed for gutting pollution safeguards and environmental rollbacks through misinformation and outright lies.

It’s time to end oil and gas CEOs’ influence and expose their attempts to stand in the way of addressing climate change.

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