WASHINGTON, DC – Today, government watchdog Accountable.US released new research showing fringe anti-land conservation group American Stewards of Liberty is associated with Sagebrush Rebellion PAC, an anti-government extremist group that spews disinformation, transphobia, and racism.

Sagebrush Rebellion PAC is working on an anti-land conservation documentary with J Infinite Media, a company that, like the PAC, has promoted content with explicit or implied ties to the far-right and Boogaloo Boys, a militant far-right group seeking to start a civil war and “violence with the state.”

American Stewards of Liberty’s Margaret Byfield spoke with J Infinite Media for the documentary at her organization’s “Stop 30×30 Summit” last month in Nebraska. Sagebrush Rebellion PAC was one of the event’s sponsors. During the event, Byfield told the crowd, “Catharine O’Neill, the Sagebrush Rebellion [PAC founder]. Have you guys been doing any interviews with Catharine? She’s set up in the media room?”

“Had American Stewards of Liberty not claimed land conservation was Hitler’s idea, or that President Biden’s conservation initiatives are akin to the Stalin-engineered Ukrainian genocide of the 1930s, it would be difficult to believe a group that has hosted governors, members of Congress, and former cabinet secretaries could also be so intimately tied to fringe political committees that associate with extremists clamoring for a future Civil War,” said Jordan Schreiber, energy and environment director at government watchdog, Accountable.US. “Sadly, this is not surprising. When it comes to American Stewards of Liberty, you can almost hear the black helicopters circling. This is what we are up against in the fight to preserve American land and water for future generations to enjoy.”

Sagebrush Rebellion PAC founder, Catharine O’Neil, is a Rockefeller heiress who spent years in DC before buying a Wyoming farm in 2021 – shortly after creating the now-dissolved LLC “Catharine O’Neill For Wyoming.” A former Trump administration appointee, she rejected the outcome of the 2020 election on a State Department call while working for USAID.

According to HuffPost, which covered Accountable.US’ findings, as the outlet “reported this story, the PAC and [the] film company it is working with on a documentary purged their social media accounts of specific posts in the exact order that HuffPost inquired about them.” Furthermore, after the reporter “reached out to J Infinite, the company deleted its Boogaloo-themed content from YouTube, took down its website and made its Instagram page private. And immediately after HuffPost asked if the man pictured in the Hawaiian shirt was Fuchs, Sagebrush Rebellion took down the post and blocked this reporter on Twitter.”

Read the full research report from Accountable.US.