As major corporations have released their latest financials in recent weeks, a consistent theme has emerged: they are making massive profits despite historic levels of inflation. 

Some have even talked about how rising inflation has been good for business: 


“We saw our sales impacted positively by about 4% year-over-year from inflation.”

AutoZone CEO William Rhodes 


“Inflation is typically a positive driver of top-line revenue and margin gains.” 

United Natural Foods President Chris Testa


That, of course, is a result of jacking up prices and passing the added costs along to consumers to meet the demands of shareholders and hit earnings goals. 


The Disconnect Between Wall Street and Struggling Families

While inflation isn’t hurting many big businesses’ bottom lines, it hurts working families, who are now paying more for basic necessities. 

Here is a quick round-up of recent coverage that exposes pandemic profiteering and reinforces research from Accountable.US: 


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