The Biden administration declared Thursday health care executive order day and plans to undo Trump-era policies that don’t jibe with the new administration’s health policy vision. The two executive actions are expected to focus on bolstering health insurance coverage and reproductive health access. The new administration will also reconsider two controversial policies that were hallmarks of Trump administration’s health policy— Medicaid work requirements and the Title X family planning rule.

Accountable, a watchdog interest group, noted that in 2009, the nomination hearing for Barack Obama’s HHS secretary was delayed until late April — and at that time, Republicans claimed that this delay could negatively impact swine flu readiness. Kathleen Sebelius’ confirmation delay further led to delays in filling other sub-cabinet positions such as CDC director, Accountable said. Today, the Biden administration has yet to appoint a permanent Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services administrator or a permanent Food and Drug Administration commissioner.