Washington, D.C. — As the House-passed popular, and fully paid-for Build Back Better Act heads to the U.S. Senate, government watchdog Accountable.US released two new reports highlighting what’s at stake for West Virginian families — especially women, low-income workers, people of color, and seniors — who would greatly benefit from the plan’s paid family leave and senior care provisions.  

“Senator Manchin may never get this opportunity again to deliver a real chance at a better life and better care for thousands in West Virginia. It makes no sense to squander this moment to vastly expand access to paid leave and improve child and senior care in West Virginia because of unrelated complaints from a handful of wealthy special interests,” said Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US. “Rich corporations and billionaires don’t need any more special treatment, but West Virginians could benefit tremendously from a more level playing field – and Senator Manchin holds the key.”    

Last month, Accountable.US released an analysis finding that Senator Manchin has taken over $1.5 million from anti-Build Back Better agenda corporate interests as of September 2021.   


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