Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham was accused Tuesday of exercising “the last vestiges of power” by obstructing — again — U.S. Senate confirmation of Merrick Garland.

Graham’s fresh blockade also drew criticism from Mairead Lynn, spokesperson for the government watchdog group Accountable.US’s Senate War Room campaign.

“Since apparently it wasn’t enough for Senate Republicans to refuse Merrick Garland a hearing when he was nominated to the Supreme Court — now they are delaying his hearing to head up the Justice Department,” Lynn said in a statement.

She blamed Republicans who “sat on their hands during the lame-duck” session for the chamber’s delays on Biden’s agenda and called it “ridiculous that Sen. Graham is now holding onto the last vestiges of power to delay the confirmation of the administration’s top law enforcement official.”

“It’s well past time for this obstruction to end,” Lynn said, “and if Sen. Graham refuses to work in good faith to quickly confirm President Biden’s highly qualified nominees, then it’s time for him to step aside and let more serious legislators get to work.”