As a class, America’s billionaires and millionaires are social parasites. They benefit from American society and its resources, whether human, material, political or legal, while contributing far less than their fair share of taxes. One central aspect of this parasitic behavior is that the very rich are highly adept at translating the American people’s tax dollars and public resources into private wealth and income. In that way the plutocrats and kleptocrats — both wealthy individuals and families adn the largest corporations — are free riders, protected by the government and other elites as being “too big to fail.” This group also generally rejects any sense of social democracy and responsibility.

A recent analysis by the government watchdog group found, as Jake Johnson writes at Common Dreams, “that two-thirds of GOP senators — and more than 40% of House Republicans — are millionaires who stand to personally benefit from obstructing tax hikes on the wealthy proposed under Senate Democrats’ reconciliation package, which aims to invest in climate action and the tattered social safety net.” The report identifies 125 legislators dubbed the “Republican Millionaires Caucus,” devoted to “preserving Trump-era tax cuts that ‘overwhelmingly benefit the wealthiest individuals, including themselves.'”

“Under the Trump tax cuts for the rich, big corporations raked in massive profits as the middle class continued to disappear,” said Kyle Herrig of “Now that new leaders are trying to level the playing field for everyday workers and their families, corporations are spending millions of dollars to stop it — and many in Congress are carrying their water.”