Jessica Perdue wanted to know if taking small business bailout money for several of her companies would be ethical, since one of the financial stakeholders, her father-in-law Sonny Perdue, is a Trump cabinet member.

The nonprofit government watchdog group Accountable.US, which brought the Perdue-tied PPP loans to the AJC’s attention, said the former Georgia governor hasn’t sufficiently separated himself from his family’s complex, multimillion-dollar business holdings.

In the case of the $38,137 loan to Specialty Stone Inc., a company connected to Georgia’s current governor, Accountable.US director of strategic initiatives Chris Saeger called out Kemp for taking government assistance after prompting $46 million in cuts last year to the Department of Human Services, which oversees child welfare, elder abuse prevention and food stamp programs. “He has supported massive cuts to human services that are probably needed now more than ever during a global pandemic,” Saeger said.