Web-hosting company GoDaddy is investigating services it provides to several organizations that were directly tied to the violent insurrection at the Capitol last month, the company told The Hill Tuesday.

The investigation stems from a report by the nonprofit group Accountable.US which found that the company is the registrar for eight groups that were involved in activities leading up to the Jan. 6 riot.

A spokesperson for GoDaddy told The Hill that it is now looking into those connections, and stressed that using its service to “promote, encourage or engage in violence” violates company policies.

“If content goes beyond the exercise of expression and crosses over to inciting violence, we will take appropriate action,” the spokesperson added.

Accountable.US’s report, first obtained by The Hill, found that the online store of the right-wing militia group Oath Keepers is hosted by GoDaddy, which also serves as the site’s domain registrar.