A political watchdog group is calling on AT&T to hold firm in its commitment to support the expansion of voting rights after the company contributed thousands of dollars to Texas Republicans who oppose such measures.

Accountable.US found in a review of campaign finance records shared exclusively with The Hill that AT&T-affiliated PACs in June alone donated at least $312,000 to campaigns of Texas state lawmakers, including a $100,000 donation to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) the same day he called for a special legislative session to pass a widely condemned elections bill.

In a Saturday letter sent to the CEO and shared with The Hill, Accountable.US said the executive’s “sentiments run totally counter to the sizable campaign support AT&T affiliated PACs are doling out to those scheming to strip fundamental voting rights from eligible voters.”

“If AT&T truly cares about preserving access to the ballot box for all, the time is now to prove it,” Accountable.US continued. “When corporations don’t speak out when they disagree with the actions of people they helped put in power, it’s tantamount to an endorsement of their behavior.”

In a statement shared with The Hill, Accountable.US President Kyle Herrig said, “What’s happening in Texas is the latest shoe to drop in a widescale voter suppression scheme carried out by desperate and dishonest embracers of the Big Lie.”

“Before any more voting barriers are erected for citizens of color and with disabilities, lawmakers must now hear from every corporation that has assured their customers, shareholders, and employees that they support democracy,” Herrig added.