Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts is on a statewide speaking tour to denounce what he and some far-right allies are portraying as an outrageous intrusion by the Biden administration: a conservation program that he says will seize lands from local control.

When Ricketts began his tour against the policy, the anti-corruption watchdog group Accountable.US accused him of “parroting talking points from the conspiracy-pushing fringe group American Stewards of Liberty.” Reached for comment, Ricketts’ office requested more information on American Stewards.

Earlier this year, Accountable.US filed a complaint to the IRS accusing American Stewards of misusing its nonprofit status to lobby against 30×30. 501(c)(3) nonprofits like American Stewards are not supposed to engage in significant political action. Accountable.US accused American Stewards of violating that rule by urging people to contact their representatives about 30×30, and by distributing anti-30×30 resolutions for counties to pass.