TRENDING: Big Oil Posts Massive $41B Profits in Q1 Thanks to High Consumer Gas Prices

Past Projects

Campaign Against Corporate Complicity

True to their word?

Many corporate leaders said the right things during the darkest days of the Trump presidency. Now is the time for a watchful public to hold these leaders accountable to their own words.

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COVID-19 Response

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about unprecedented public health and financial hardships for American families. Accountable.US has held the Trump administration accountable for their failed pandemic response, which has been embroiled with corruption and mismanagement, as assistance for the wealthy and well-connected has been prioritized over small businesses and workers who need help the most.

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Damage Control

Over the course of the past four years, the Trump administration has enacted corrupt and harmful policies across environmental, immigration, economic, and many other issues for special interests, many with close ties to the Trump administration, that will negatively impact generations of Americans. To help reverse the damage done, we’re tracking key policies that the next administration must urgently seek to overturn.

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Enemies of Progress

Holding conservative attorneys general accountable for preventing progress on some of the country’s toughest challenges.

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50 States Open Records Project

The 50 States Open Records Project focuses on informing the public about COVID response efforts across the country by targeting public records at the state and local levels.

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