TRENDING: Big Oil Posts Massive $41B Profits in Q1 Thanks to High Consumer Gas Prices

Right-Wing Corruption

Accountable.US aims to protect the interests of the American people and the nation’s democratic values by exposing partisan obstruction to progressive policies and values that aim to support workers and families.

Right-wing special interests leverage lobbying and political donations to get policymakers to do their bidding and have used their access to deny and defend seditious activity, undermine our democracy, and line their own pocketsFurthermore, obstructionists in Congress have used racist, coded and bigoted rhetoric to undermine efforts to help Americans, especially in communities of color. 

Accountable.US shines a light on corruption and obstruction within and outside our government and fights back against attempts to block progress. 


Subsidizing Sedition

In the days after the violent January 6 attack on our nation’s Capitol, corporations and organizations pledged to halt political donations to those who voted to overturn the presidential election. However, many of these corporations have supported the same entities and groups behind the assault on government.

Accountable.US uncovered the huge corporate donors who supported this deadly insurrection by funding the rally’s organizers.

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In the waning days of the Trump presidency, his administration packed federal boards and commissions with hundreds of Trump loyalists, many of whom lacked qualifications or have conflicts of interests. We’re working to hold them accountable.

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