TRENDING: Trump administration officials are burrowing into the Biden administration.

In the midst of dueling public health and economic crises, families across the country are looking to the Senate to support a smooth transition of power, swift approval of nominees, and speedy action to turn the page on the mess former President Trump left behind and implement critically-needed reforms.

However, we know that Minority Leader McConnell and his fellow Republicans are going to do everything possible from the minority to continue the gridlock and obstruction, protect their corporate donors and special interest allies, and prevent the new Biden Administration from delivering on the agenda that voters just overwhelmingly swept into power.

Accountable Senate War Room is prepared to fight back.

The Obstruction of Deb Haaland

President Biden’s historic pick to lead the Department of Interior, Deb Haaland, is a fierce advocate for the American people who has championed robust conservation efforts in the House, will protect public lands, bring a much needed Native voice to the Interior, and rein in the Big Oil special interests that Trump allowed to purchase our public lands.

Now, motivated by their Big Oil donors, the same Republican Senators who wholeheartedly supported Trump’s conflicted former oil lobbyist turned-Interior Secretary David Bernhardt and defended the illegal acting director of the Bureau of Land Management’s anointment to power and his known history of environmental degradation and racism are smearing and vocally opposing Haaland in an effort to appease the polluters who hold their purse strings.

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Confirmation Delay Trackers

President Biden was sworn in with fewer confirmed Cabinet secretaries than any other president in recent history. This is the result of unprecedented obstructionism from Senate Republicans who failed to keep the confirmation process moving for President Biden’s nominees when they were in the majority, and who are continuing their obstruction and delay from the minority.

Minority Leader McConnell and other obstructionist Republicans in the Senate are doing everything in their power to continue denying President Biden the fully-staffed and quickly-confirmed Cabinet that the American people desperately need. And we’re calling for that to end.

Biden Cabinet Tracker

Below is a chart outlining the confirmation status of President Biden’s nominees. 

Individuals are sorted from longest delays to shortest. Click on a name to see the status of the nominee.

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Biden vs. Trump Cabinet Confirmation Timeline Tracker

Below, compare the confirmation proceedings of President Biden’s Cabinet to that of President Trump’s.

Individuals are sorted from longest delays to shortest.

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